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Representing Individuals And Businesses

From its headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, and its regional offices in St. Louis, Missouri, and Wichita, Kansas, Case Linden Kurtz Buck PC routinely represents business, executives, supervisors, and professionals engaged in litigation in state and federal courts throughout Missouri and Kansas. Case Linden Kurtz Buck PC also regularly represents insurers, individuals, and businesses both nationally and internationally, from pre-suit investigation through appeals.

As a group of attorneys, we bring a vast array of experience and a strong track record to the table. Our diverse talents and accomplishments are reflected in many of our employee profiles, accessible through the links below:

Samantha P. Angell

Cory R. Buck

Kevin D. Case

Shane C. Hamman

Nicholas A. Heintz

Jacob L. Kurtz

Patric S. Linden

Ellen C.T. Mathis

Andrew M. Serrone

Jamie L. Welch

Our Forte: Litigation Defense

Above all, we are trial attorneys. We focus our practice on the aggressive defense that our clients need when they face complex and high-stakes litigation.

Our winning strategies have stood the test of time. At the same time, we do not hesitate to apply innovation to our clients’ cases. In the interest of balance and fairness in the world of insurance claims, lawsuits, appeals, and defense, we partner closely with our clients and, where applicable, the client’s insurer to help them efficiently navigate complex litigation.

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Learn about our legacy of litigation success, representing employers, business owners, and individuals. Our background may have direct relevance to your current litigation needs.

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