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Our Defense Of Commercial Entities In Damage Claims

At Case Linden Kurtz Buck PC, we are well-versed in the nuances of insurance coverage and how insurance coverage issues play out in litigation. We routinely represent a variety of parties in cases where insurance coverage issues are a major factor. Even where we are not directly representing an insurance carrier, a deep understanding of insurance coverage is often crucial in these types of cases. We regularly present to insurance carriers on legal changes and legal issues that could affect their insured entities.

Our involvement and experience in property and commercial litigation defies categorization, as there are few limits to the types of lawsuits or claims where insurance coverage may be implicated. As an example, we have represented insured entities and individuals in the following types of cases:

  • Arson claims
  • Theft
  • Employment discrimination and harassment
  • Catastrophic personal injury occurring in the course and scope of employment
  • Construction defects
  • Constitutional violations
  • Business-to-business disputes for breach of contract
  • Class action litigation of employment-related issues

Our Experience In Navigating The Insurance Relationship

We are experienced in skillfully navigating the complex relationship involving ourselves, our client(s), and the insurance carrier. We strive to understand the various goals of our clients and their carrier, and then vigorously defend our clients in a way that benefits the interests of all our stakeholders. Though this is more difficult in some cases than others, we rely on our decades of combined experience in handling these situations.

Our work in these cases includes a close analysis of the merits of the litigated issues, the potential damages, and the time and monetary expense of litigating a claim through trial. We take risk management seriously, and we work with our stakeholders to balance the implications of a particular claim with its potential impact on future, related claims.

Our Invitation

We are always happy to discuss these issues with insurance carriers and their customers alike. To schedule a consultation with a property and commercial litigation defense attorney in Kansas City or St. Louis in Missouri, or in Wichita, Kansas, call 816-897-6548 or send an inquiry by email.